Need thermo-fuel

Need thermo-fuel tehokas rasvanpolttaja
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Thanks to NEED® THERMO·FU3L you will burn what you don't need, as it incorporates the most effective patents in a single product. An authentic oven for burning fat!

NEED® THERMO·FU3L® contains Capsimax® which increases energy consumption, promotes weight loss, stimulates the digestion of carbohydrates, increases the oxidation of fats and burns 12 times more calories at rest.

Besides, NEED® THERMO·FU3L incorporates Sinetrol® which is a new patented extract 100% natu-ral composed of citrus and polyphenols able to stimulate lipolysis (breaks down fat), and Bio-perine® which is a powerful thermogenic capable of stimulating thermogenesis, increasingly used in the treatment and prevention of obesity.

In addition, NEED® THERMO·FU3L3 incorporates extracts of green coffee and Guarana that contrib-ute to burn the excess of glucose and fat present in the body, slow down the entry of sugar into the blood, so it substantially reduces the process of accumulation of fats in the body and exerts a stimulating effect for several hours.

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