Elit Nutrition X-tream Shred 28 annosta Ice tea lime

Loppuunmyyty ALE

X-TREAM SHRED from Elit Nutrition is an innovative PWO developed from popular X-tream 2.0. X-TREAM SHRED is great for use before training to boost your workouts! Maximize your workouts! Powerful combination of ingredients A PWO for those who are on a diet, 100% sugar-free! Exciting & good taste variations If you are looking for an intensive PWO then X-tream Shred is a PWO you must have! The formula is carefully thought out to meet the wishes of those who love to practice hard but at the same time are on the diet. The further development of proven X-tream has led to the composition of X-trem Shred which is popular among those who want to maximize their training and performance. Let the adrenaline pump and the sweat drain! Recommended dose: 1 scoop (about 11 g) is mixed with 3 dl of water in a shaker 30 minutes before physical activity

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